Window Open Type Mosquito Net

Our openable type mosquito net sits on a frame installed on top of your windows. In order to make it easy for you to clean, we make sure the frames are easily detachable and can be fixed back easily without the help of a technician or an expert.

This type of net is suitable for commercial spaces and domestics spaces with large windows and doors. Our frames carry elegant design and the sturdy but light in weight materials used make sure you don’t feel a pinch of heaviness in opening and closing your doors and windows.

Openable type window and door mosquito net can be opened and closed from the inside. It doesn’t matter whether your doors and windows are openable from inside (traditional homes) or outside (modern homes and offices), we fit our nets appropriately to ensure absolute opening and closing convenience.

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Openable type windows net
Openable aluminum window net
Wooden openable mosquito net
Customized openable windows net
Openable Mosquito Net for Windows
Detachable windows net


Top panel 50 mm
Side panel 37mm
Bottom panel 40mm
Thickness 17mm
Mesh size 18 x 16
Accessories Components & Metal Spring
Felt 4mm / 6mm weather strips
Frame colour Dark Brown, Golden Brown & White
Mesh colour Gray / Balck (PHIFER)


  • Custom-built window frames
  • Easy to open and close
  • Easy to detach and attach
  • Easy to clean
  • Long life
  • Filters external dust
  • Completely sealed
  • Steel and fibreglass mesh materials
  • Withstands rain drops

Safeguard your indoors but not at the cost of losing the natural bliss

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