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Starnetindia is a supplier of high-quality mosquito nets for doors and windows. With 10+ years of market presence, we provide mosquito net installation and supply services for a wide range of commercial and domestic requirements.

All members of our mosquito net installation team are direct employees of the company. They bring in 10+ years of training skills and hands-on installation expertise in each and every installation we take up. Our in-house sales and support staff make sure that your experience with StarnetIndia right from the first touchpoint to after-sales experience is a breeze.

We add no extra cost or hidden costs as we are transparent in billing for the materials and installation fee.

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Why Choose StarNets Mosquito Nets?

Finest Quality

The mosquito nets we use are factory stitched and tested for its tensile strength. Adding to this we also make sure that the materials are easy to clean making long term maintenance a cakewalk.

While choosing the mosquito net materials,our experts chip in to check the genuineness of nets. We also check on how good the mosquito nets fulfill industry standards so that we provide a value-for-money service for every single customer. We aren’t brand-specific but make sure that we procure from the industry-leading brands only.

Perfect Installation

We have a well trained team who have enough field experience. Our team is bundled with carpenters and necessary automatic tools and fixing materials that makes our installation process a quick affair.

As and when we take up an installation process, our experts arrive into location to begin the process of measuring the areas needed to be covered. Based on the measurements, we plan for the necessary materials to be used and the amount of labor involved. Based on your choice of using steel or wooden frames, the pricing differ. We make use of the best steel and wooden materials that withstand time.

Commercial and Domestic

Space doesn’t matter in case of enclosing them with mosquito nets. All it takes is planning and we believe we are a bit proactive in that. Be it a single room or a villa or hotel rooms to lobby, we can plan every inch to be covered with perfection.

In the commercial space we do cater to places like hospitals, hostels, restaurants, hotels and more. For residential needs, we cater for individual houses, apartments, villas, penthouses, bungalows and more.


Making use of factory manufactured raw materials, our mosquito nets can withstand fluctuating weather changes and keep away from getting too spoiled through dust or moist winds. Right from the place of its manufacture, the mosquito nets we use undergo several industrial testing process which ensure their durability.

We have experts to pick the best products so that our services guarantee a mosquito-free living space for a longer period of time.

Elegant Design

When it comes to residential mosquito net or net closures for hotel rooms, elegance matter the most. So we have a keen eye in weaving mosquito nets in different patterns and colour shades which offer our customers a wide range to choose from.

Multiple Choices

You can be choosy both visually and based on material. Like fashion, you can get multiple options to choose from. We have different patterns and colour shades and materials as well which lets you pick the best one as per your preference.


Like we care for lives, we care for the environment too. Driven by this motto, we carefully choose the materials used to manufacture our mosquito nets. Our mosquito nets are eco-friendly and biodegradable which makes its disposal easy.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Made of polyester and acrylic materials our nets are easy to wash and clean. Just a normal dusting would help you keep your nets clean. Velcro fitted mosquito nets are much more easier to maintain compared to other nets as they can be easily removed and it back with perfection.


All our mosquito nets have a warranty promise, however, based on the material type chosen the time period of warranties will differ. For commercial spaces which require more of long term easy maintenance, we provide mosquito net suggestions that have high durability. However, residential spaces can even opt for the same.

Safeguard your indoors but not at the cost of losing the natural bliss

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