Velcro Type Mosquito Net

Velcro Mosquito Nets, also called sticker nets are the widely preferred type of mosquito nets in Chennai. It is convenient to attach, detach, wash and dust making it the perfect go-to option. Made of fibreglass mesh, the Velcro Mosquito net is rust-free, ultra thin, highly flexible as well. The net won’t get loosened or stretched or torn while installing it in your living room space.

Apart from conveniences, the net serves the key purpose of protecting you by completely sealing doors and windows. The thin and transparent nature of the material allows enough air and light inside your living space and offers a clear view of the outdoors.

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Netlon velcro mosquito net for Doors
Netlon velcro mosquito net for Windows
Saint-Gobin velcro mosquito net
velcro mosquito net in Chennai
Chennai Velcro mosquito net service
Velcro mosquito mesh for doors & Windows


Top panel 50 mm
Side panel 37mm
Bottom panel 40mm
Thickness 17mm
Mesh size 18 x 16
Accessories Components & Metal Spring
Felt 4mm / 6mm weather strips
Frame colour Dark Brown, Golden Brown & White
Mesh colour Gray / Balck (PHIFER)


  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to fix
  • Multicolour available
  • Free airflow
  • Transparent outdoor view
  • Low price
  • 1-day installation
  • Rust free
  • Easy to maintain

Safeguard your indoors but not at the cost of losing the natural bliss

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