Roller Shutter Window Type

Our Roller Shutter Window is backed by a simple yet durable and powerful mechanism that allows users to roll and tuck the mosquito net into an aluminum section. While pulling it up you need not stretch till the top to tuck it in, the mechanism does that for you. The system holds a braking system that helps the mesh roll up slowly. This ensures there is no slamming sound when you roll up the mosquito net.

The Roller Shutter Window we supply is also easy to clean and maintain. The system facilitates mechanisms to prevent jamming and dust accumulation. This type of mosquito net can be used for windows, sun slits, narrow kitchen windows.

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Roller type mosquito net
Push up & push down mosquito net
Shutter type mosquito net for windows
Mosquito net roller type
Window nets roller shutter system
Custom roller shutter mosquito net


Top panel 50 mm
Side panel 37mm
Bottom panel 40mm
Thickness 17mm
Mesh size 18 x 16
Accessories Components & Metal Spring
Felt 4mm / 6mm weather strips
Frame colour Dark Brown, Golden Brown & White
Mesh colour Gray / Balck (PHIFER)


  • Easy for handling
  • MElegant look for windows
  • Transparent outdoor view
  • Window shutter type model
  • Modern insect screens & blinds
  • High durability

Safeguard your indoors but not at the cost of losing the natural bliss

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