Pleated Sliding System

If your commercial or residential area has sliding doors and windows, a pleated sliding system is the best choice to go for. Built to suit sliding doors and windows, this type of mosquito net can be used to cover large openings with ease.

Especially for restaurants and villas where rooms are provided with sliding doors to offer guests a perfect outdoors view, pleated sliding doors are the best solution to protect them from pests, mosquitoes and outdoor pollution. Pleated mosquito doors can be effortlessly pushed making it easy for children and elders to use.

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Pleated sliding system
Pleated sliding system for windows
Pleated mosquito net for doors
Saint-Gobin pleated sliding system
Fiber mesh Pleated mosquito net
Attachable Pleated sliding net


Top panel 50 mm
Side panel 37mm
Bottom panel 40mm
Thickness 17mm
Mesh size 18 x 16
Accessories Components & Metal Spring
Felt 4mm / 6mm weather strips
Frame colour Dark Brown, Golden Brown & White
Mesh colour Gray / Balck (PHIFER)


  • Easy to open & clean
  • Sliding type
  • Effortless to use
  • Creates a great ambience
  • Customized windows and doors
  • Fits any size
  • Zig-zag insect screens

Safeguard your indoors but not at the cost of losing the natural bliss

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