Two Track Sliding System

Two Track Sliding doors are commonly used in villas, bungalows, farm houses and guest houses. Guests who walk into such places would never want to miss the outdoor landscapes while chilling out indoors. At the same time, your guests need to be protected from mosquitoes, pests and dust. Two Track Sliding mosquito nets fits the bill.

The nets are aesthetically designed to suit your indoor ambience and comes with a lot of color and material options. Based on your need, the transparency of the mesh can be changed. The finest yet tough mesh quality offers free airflow and withstands breeze, strong winds and rains as well.

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Two Track Sliding Net for Doors
Sliding Mosquito Net Windows
Two Track Sliding Mosquito Net
Sliding Mosquito Net for doors
Two-track mosquito net system
Two Track Sliding Net type


Top panel 50 mm
Side panel 37mm
Bottom panel 40mm
Thickness 17mm
Mesh size 18 x 16
Accessories Components & Metal Spring
Felt 4mm / 6mm weather strips
Frame colour Dark Brown, Golden Brown & White
Mesh colour Gray / Balck (PHIFER)


  • Friction-free sliding
  • Easy to move, suits for daily use
  • Can be partially open as per your need
  • Slide and stop at any position
  • Multi-colour frames
  • Fibre mesh & SS mesh be used
  • Highly Durable

Safeguard your indoors but not at the cost of losing the natural bliss

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